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Run Free at Rainbow Bridge Poppy

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2015

January 2015 has got to be the worst start to any year that we have seen at Bulabos.  Two weeks after losing our lovely Hemlock we had to say a sudden heart breaking goodbye to our gorgeous girl Poppy – Bulabos Peek A Boo Poppy.  What can we say about Poppy – well, she was certainly the “dizzy blonde” at Bulabos.  Always up to mischeif and totally hyperactive.  Where there was trouble – there was Poppy lol!  To say we miss her is an understatement, she has left a hole that cannot be filled but we are greatful that we have her daughter Lilly here with us.  She is a mirror image of her Mum.  To lose two of our girls suddenly in a such a short space of time has been very difficult and highlights how precious our time together with these fantastic dogs really is.  Heres hoping that the heartbreak is over.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge baby girl until we meet again xxx poppy