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First Trip to the UK for showing a huge success !

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We finally took the plunge and decided to travel to the UK with Robbie aka IR Ch Lanebern Black Magic, Ir Jnr Ch, (CJW11) for the Working & Pastoral Breed of Scotland Championship Show which was held on the 5th November. Judge on the day was Mrs. Judith McMurray.  We were absolutely thrilled when Robbie took 2nd place in Open Dog and went on to take the Reserve CC.  A fantastic result for his first time being shown in the UK. It was a great weekend, meeting up with some friends, a few beers and coming home with the Reserve CC.  Many thanks to our judge Mrs. McMurray who thought so highly of Robbie and commented that it was only immaturity on his part that prevented him from taking the CC.

Tears of Joy and Sadness

Posted on Saturday, November 5th, 2011

What a rollercoaster month October has been.  It has been a very emotional month with tears of joy and also tears of sadness.  The good news is that on Saturday 15th October our lovely Mia, IR CH Islamorada Amazing Grace gave birth to five gorgeous puppies, one girl and four boys, sired by Robbie, IR CH Lanebern Black Magic, IR Jnr CH, (CJW11).  Both Mum and babies are doing great and keeping everyone busy. 

 The sad news is that the following week our lovely girl Hemlock’s puppies sired by Opdyke’s Midnight Miracle were born sleeping.  Our hearts were truly broken but Hemlock is doing great now and hopefully she will get the opportunity to be a Mum next year. 

 This is a tribute to Hemlock’s gorgeous puppies now running free at Rainbow Bridge


Hemlock always wanted pups and practiced with her toys

So the hunt finally began to find some suitable boys

It was her chance to start her own pack

Finally we found your daddy the cocky and playful Mirrac


A promise was made if she got pregnant she could definitely keep two,

And she was finally blessed with all of you

You were comforted and safe inside her tummy,

But in the end you never got the chance to meet your beautiful mummy


A proud loving mother that’s what she wanted to be,

With you by her side all happy and free

You never took your first steps or ran around the park,

Sadly your life ended together in the dark


She would have taught you so much if she had the chance to watch you grow,

The fact you are deeply missed you surely must know

Your mummy looks for you helplessly, all around,

But you are not here you cannot be found


We would have all taken care of you and always kept you near,

We can’t stop crying it’s so tragic you are not here

I know as time goes on the pain will drift away,

It just seems so cruel that we will never get to play


You were all so beautiful

Rest in peace, our precious little puppies

With all the love in our hearts x x x